One-on-one treatments are provided for you! Your full session is spent with your physiotherapist to ensure you receive optimal care. This allows the use of your valuable appointment time for the hands-on manual therapy that you require and allows you also to ask all your questions to ensure you understand your therapy and your body. This ensures a more personalized rehabilitation resulting in better outcomes.

Comprehensive Assessments

Understanding your injury sets the foundation for optimal recovery. First and foremost, a detailed assessment involves listening to you to understand your injury and goals. Using highly skilled assessment techniques, your movement patterns will be analyzed to understand the root cause of your problem setting the foundation for your recovery.

Personal Empowerment

To understand your body is empowering. Everyone has different lifestyles and goals and understanding how to get you back into doing what you love requires you to understand your injury and how to prevent a recurrence of it or any possible additional injuries. “Pre-hab” is to learn how to prevent the need for rehabilitation and to avoid a new injury and pain.

Evidenced Based Medicine

Clinically validated physiotherapy techniques will be used to ensure you receive the best medicine. Current physiotherapy trends and updated evidence based techniques will ensure that you receive the most effective treatments to help you achieve your goals.

Multimodal Treatment Approach

Not one technique can fix it all or else everyone would be using it! The best approach is a multimodal treatment approach including a combination of manual hands-on therapy, prescriptive and corrective exercises, medical acupuncture, IMS, electrotherapy and education. The combination will differ with your injury and will be discussed with you in your rehabilitation.

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